Usually at this

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Usually at this It is a question, of course, about summer countrylives.

Usually at this age children are grouped in the unisex companies.

And girls and boys are made related by passion to research of new roads and places.

But in boyish groups the emulative spirit as quickly is more expressed,how far, poorly or not poorly, etc.

and interest to technical ~there, connected both with the bicycle device, and with driving equipment landingin a saddle from dispersal, driving without hands, types of brakin ways of jumps onbicycle from small springboards etc Girls are interested morewhere they go and that they see.

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M of the Lake

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M of the Lake Where the child is ready to go and where is not present, ~ for him, as well as for his friends, its exponentpersonal force, psychological age and possibility to apply ona certain place in children's group.

To us was on ~ years.

We with the girlfriend walked, and it came incellar my italics.

M of the Lake to pee.

Me did not invite.

The door was ~that, and I guarded outside.

I stood and thought “What it courageous!”In the summer at a dacha or in the village where there are many children of different age, to ~the tory are with each other well familiar, campaigns in ~ are sometimes arrangedny places with a large number of participants and a difficult complex for ~dachas.

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When to the child

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When to the child The situation of a choice is very difficult for the child of early age, and, getting to it, it appears simply unable to make any decision.

When to the child suggest to choose from several toys that which is pleasant to it more, it considers toys, at last, the beret one of them long fluctuates.

But if now to the kid order to go with the chosen toy to other room, he refuses to make it, puts a toy back and starts over again hasty to touch all the others.

Otherwise children of preschool age behave in a situation of a choice of a toy.

Even at younger preschool children the quiet and business approach to a choice is observed, fluctuations are short.

Children prove the choice and take they do not have at present what and that they would like to have.

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He will

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He will At last complete isolation! The good teacher will be not not escaped by any trifle.

He will notice a tiny crib which one child put to another under a school desk.

The pupil asks of permission to transfer blotter schoolmate teacher will take away it, after all the solution of a task the help is on the back written.

The good school desk has no back wall and is well looked through from a teacher's table, it was more difficult to transfer a crib.

Thus, the school desk should answer not only hygienic, but also to moral requirements.

There is one more reason, on which school desks try to do open in front.

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And here

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And here However till the end of the XVIII century men of science it is the phenomenon did not recognize.

Near Agram in the large meteorite in weight about kg fell.

It placed in the Museum of mineralogy of the Vienna Yard and carefully described.

And here that German scientist Shtutts in told about it The people not expert in natural sciences, believe thatthe piece of iron came on a silver platter.

Even those who got German education, believed in it and showed that the utter ignorance still reigning in masses, in natural sciences and physics questions.

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Usually In prygunka the child finds a part of independence.

It independently moves.

Usually prygunka are calculated on children in weight to k but sometimes the kid with bigger mass of a body would like to jump in them.


Do not leave the child in prygunka without supervision.

The child should not spend a lot of time in prygunka, minutes are enough for independent movements of the kid.

th WEEK The children's chair in prygunka is covered with well washing material.

Many chairs are equipped with a level which various toys are built in, is frequent with music.

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