Massage spend

Massage spend Pass to a stomach poglazhivaniye.

Fall by feet and a foot.

Each foot pound two hands serially.

Overturn the kid on a stomach and start back massage.

Use long stroking movements from shovels to buttocks.

Massage spend no more than minutes.

Longer procedure can be too tiresome for the kid.

DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the rd WEEK The child of the already many reached The child adapted for the situation in a family.

You adapted for appearance of the kid in your life.

By third week the child of much reached.

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Such corporal

Such corporal Such corporal interactionthis person with people who have casually appeared on his way also there is thatwe already repeatedly in this called the term corporal communication.

Practically each Russian citizen faces in the transportsituations and with opposite examples ~ the corporaldullness and awkwardness when the person does not understand that rose at all on ~does not feel that it should be developed by side to pass betweenpeople, etc.

Success in corporal communication in social situations of the describedabove type it is based on development of psychological empathy and those ~wood keenness in relation to other people, absence of fear ~noveniye, and also on good possession of an own body.

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Further development

Further development The child seizes contextual speech under the influence of systematic training.

On occupations in kindergarten children should state more abstract contents, than in situational speech, they have a need for new speech means and the forms, which children appropriate from speech of adults.

The child of preschool age in this direction takes only very first steps.

Further development of contextual speech occurs at school age.

Special type of speech of the child is explanatory speech.

At the advanced preschool age the child has a requirement to explain to the contemporary the content of the forthcoming game, the device of a toy and many other things.

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In the analysis

In the analysis Training of children showed to the sound analysis of words that under certain conditions even younger preschool children can allocate the first and last sounds in a word, and for children of an averagepreschool age this task does not represent some considerable difficulties.

In the analysis of sound structure of words the child starts to say words in a special way with intonational allocation of that sound which then should be called separately.

For example, the word walrus children say mmwalrus if they need to allocate the first sound, and if it is necessary to allocate a task the last sound.

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Th WEEK What

Th WEEK What Be not surprised, if the kid shows you new focus it will do bubbles of own saliva! If the child does not do it already now, in the nearest future expect a surprise.

th WEEK What to do.

For simplification of a condition of the child take the following measures do not bathe the child often; when bathing use warm, but not hot water; avoid soap application; after a bath blot skin of the child, instead of wipe it; use moistening oils and creams on angry sites; if air in very dry or if you live in very arid climate, a thicket use a humidifier in the house.

For reduction of discomfort of the child use various humidifiers and protective equipment for skin vaseline, vegetable oils, the lotions which are not containing alcohol and an aromatic otdushka.

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Good distribution

Good distribution In orthodox psychological tradition it is called as a word ~veniye.

And the volume of involuntary attention characterizes size of thatinformation field from which it is capable to read out information ~datel.

Good distribution of involuntary attention on different ~to lines from a body of the person creates feeling of its vpisannost in threemeasures ~nost of surrounding space.

As a whole actively working ~the free attention testifies to high level of wakefulness a forehead ~centuries if to consider it from the point of view of mentality work.

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