Children's envy. At preschool

Children's envy. At preschool So, the boy speaks And why it they so silly answered On the salty spoke sweet, on dark blue red.

And you why itself so spoke I I, as all.

The aspiration to be, as all in situations of a choice of a line of conduct can lead to conformism as to the personal characteristic.

However and to aspiration to be better, than all negative components can accompany.

Children's envy.

At preschool age at realization of claims for a leading role in game, on a victory in sports competitions and other similar situations in the relations of children there can be an envy.

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All words

All words On tables groups of words are printed.

The following table represents groups of singleroot words.

It can help those children who already promoted in studying of parts of speech.

All words in group are formed from one word, the simply and short, it, in effect, consists only of a root.

Other words are formed by accession of suffixes and prefixes.

After a while the child will start to find itself root words for group of singleroot words.

He will understand that this word containing the main idea, can be a noun, an adjective, a verb.

That nouns, adjectives, verbs can be formed from one root.

In the table groups of singleroot words are presented, and the teacher should not most make them any more.

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See an example

See an example For this purpose to hero new, fantastic properties are attributed,the legend about it, etc.

is thought out.

All this does object so ~gatelny, interesting or terrible that with it it wanted to play.

See an example from when children thought up to the woman from gardeningterrible biography of the thief of children.

What the city child on walk doesOne more way consists in shifting novelty search from objecton itself the child aspires to deliver to itself various and ~ tasks in interaction with wellknown object, whichit is constant.

In more detail we will disassemble this approach in the following where sing ~it is put speech about driving from ice slopes.

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Children read

Children readHere a material.

Orders on the subject of nouns, appealsCards on which orders are printed are distributed.

Children read them and carry out.

– Call loudly Pierre! Mari! Julie! And then call still Blond! Beautiful! Kind! – Order Pierre, bring a chair! Mari, take a cube! Julie, bring to me immediately! Bring to me now!– Ask Approach and kiss me! Approach! Now tell Mari! Approach and kiss me! These orders are carried out as small sketches, the present comedies which are played by pupils.

The requirement to play, represent is strong in them and wakes up years from five.

Kids with ecstasy say severe orders, helping itself gestures.

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Even numbers

Even numbers For example, the merchant gives to the buyer a rotten cherry.

The buyer refuses purchase.

The merchant gives a nut instead of a pea, the buyer asks to exchange the goods.

It is necessary to pay only when you are confident in quality of the goods a lesson of practical life.

The merchant at first changes the goods to accustom children to pay attention to quality, then suggests to change quantity of the goods that children got used to pay attention to the account.

Even numbers red, odd dark blue.

We have wooden figures, there are cubes, dark blue and red.

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Spread out a dry mix in small

Spread out a dry mix in small Prepare small bottles with the boiled and cooled water.

Spread out a dry mix in small portsionny bags.

When feeding time will come, pour out contents of a portsionny bag in a small bottle.

Properly stir up.

The food is ready.

If the child is on natural feedin questions with feeding do not arise.

Use of a children's automobile seat.

The Federal Aviation Administration of the USA persistently recommends use of children's automobile seats for air flights of kids.

The automobile chair is established in a chair of the air passenger and fastened by seat belts.

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