Work a main

Work a main§ Development of elements of educational and labor activity Educational and labor activity in the developed forms develops outside of preschool age.

Educational activity is the leader at children of school age and also at adults if they continue education with a separation from production.

Work a main type of activity of adults.

Each of these kinds of activity has a difficult structure and demands much of mentality of the person.

Such mental properties are necessary for their successful performanceand abilities which at the child of preschool age were not created yet.

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Evening is lost. The power

Evening is lost. The power Before making the great decision, Vittorio Alfyeri was the victim of the whimsical woman of fashion which adored.

He understood that perishes, remaining the slave to the passion.

The internal feeling pushed him to release, he felt in itselfhimself the great person stout of mighty forces, not woken up yet.

He would like them to use, answer an internal rush, to be given it.

Suddenly bring the invitation smelling as spirits to performance from a beloved.

Evening is lost.

The power of this person was stronger than his own will which tried to resist.

The boredom, the rage tested by the poet during trite performance, caused it so much pain that he almost began to hate the seductress.

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– To you from

– To you from And itself on the balls went, Every day left, I will come soon ….

Feechka missed, and her tuchka missed.

And here comes one magician with a stick such magic also speaks … Or here so And you look at the sky and calm down, – the young storyteller told to the upset mother.

– To you from there Angela to smile – and all, – in the general the excellent recommendation – the fairy tale from a shestiletka.

Constellation of Hounds of Invisible beings It is necessary to tell you, truly, and noticed that children – listeners active, with a plot continually interfere.

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Show it a toy, call

Show it a toy, call Then eyes of the child start to look for other interesting object.

Show it a toy, call it.

You began to notice that the child turns the head after moving object.

Having found an interesting subject, the kid not always can consider it.

Bring weak eye muscles which cannot submit a long time to the owner.

Eyes of the kid mow.

Soon muscles will get stronger and squint will pass.

Pay attention to stages of development of the child on the third week see page WHAT the NEW OCCURRED ON the rd WEEK The child got used to live out of a belly of mother.

He sleeps hours per day.

Probably, he sleeps hours before the next wakefulness.

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If you move

If you move It is one of the reasons on which subjects for examining it is necessary to have at distance of cm from eyes of the kid.

The newborn is capable to distinguish light and darkness, black and white.

If you move a subject which the kid watches, or delete it from eyes, squint emergence is possible.

It is physiological and is caused by weakness of eye muscles.

Soon the muscular system of the child will get stronger both the iris of the eye and a pupil will occupy the central situation at different types of visual activity.

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Approximately A border zone between the world of adults and the world of children an important zone ~sledovatelsky actions.

Approximately since – years, after receipt in schooland appreciable increase of the social status I the school student, children ~ache periodically to participate in group traditional pranks, on ~pravlenny on unfamiliar adults.

It is possible to tell that the computer nursery ~the scientific research institute terribly is to be tickled a spear in a nostril of a sleeping giant the worldat adults to look that will be.

And –~ it is more ~draw not reactions of adults, and own experiences during the momentcrossings of border legal, during an instant of commission of crime ~restupaniye through line of the socially admissible.

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