Procedure Therefore the girl took for a rule to approach at first toto that lift on which it was not going to go.

The girl bowed to it,welcomed and, having complied the lift thus, with quiet soul wenton other.

Procedure appeared magically effective, but borrowed mno ~ of time and sometimes drew attention of passersby.

Thereforethe girl simplified it rose on one lift, and about itself in parallelprayed to another, asked from it forgiveness that to them not ~, and solemnly promised to pass on it in the next day of week.

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And here

And here The realized supervision over, howit occurs, meets at adults much less than at children that doesespecially valuable following certificate of the fortyyear womanIn that summer at a dacha it was possible to me to go on the lake to bathe only in the eveninwhen already there came twilight.

And it was necessary to go half an hour through the wood in the lowland, wheredarkness was condensed quicker.

And here when I started to go so in the evenings throughthe wood, I began to feel for the first time very really these de's independent life ~, their characters, their force the whole community, as at people, and all different.

And I understood that with the bathing accessories on the privateto affairs I interfere in their world at the wrong time, because in this hour there people any morego, I break their life, and it can not be pleasant to them.

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More detailed

More detailed At a choice of a carriage it is important to consider properties of materials of which it is made.

Whether it is possible to erase a part made of cloth Hood existence as in the summer it considerably protects the child from solar burns is important.

More detailed information on this subject on the th week.

Attentively check reliability of a carriage Upon purchase of a carriage be convinced that it is the certificated goods.

Besides, with a view of safety of the kid consider the following.

Each carriage should be equipped with seat belts.

Belts should fasten strongly to the carriage basis.

As a rule, five points of fixing of the child to a carriage are used.

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And ~ interest

And ~ interestWe investigated a cellar, hoping to find ~ the interesting.

And ~ interest for us at this age was represented by many subjects, production at uswas almost always.

Still we frightened each other, especially less courageous, leavingtheir one in the dark.

In this certificate the boy noted characteristic is put ~sky behavior accurate feeling of the personal limit in a situation ~Tonian Period.

Whether the child participates in children's tests of bravery, whether chooseson walk from what of ice slopes can move down, whether climbs on game ~vy design at a playground in all these cases mentallythe healthy child intuitively feels, where it should stop, that inintegrities to return back.

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On a hill

On a hill Konf ~ happen rather seldom.

On a hill it is well visible, as the child learns ~ to distribute the behavior in situation space, sorazmery races ~standings and speeds of movement of participants and own.

The third social acquisition during driving from a hill consists inspecial possibilities of direct communication including corporalwith other children.

The adult observer can see the wide on a hillrange of different forms and ways of establishment of the relations between children.

Photo M.


Children's turn at top of an ice slope.

It is well visible, as ~Rennes children before concentrate and adjustedSome children always go for a drive in itself and avoid ~niya with others.

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On Z. Piaget's materials. With

On Z. Piaget's materials. With Children at the age of fourfive years draw in this case a conclusion that the quantity of beads changed, even if they are thus sure that was diminished nothing and did not increase.

If the vessel In is thinner and above, they will tell that there are more than beads, than earlier because it is higher, or that there it is less than them, because it is thinner, but in any case all of them will agree that whole did not remain invariable.

On Z.

Piaget's materials.

With similar image preschool children answer a question where there is more than plasticine in a ball or in a flat cake which was made of just the same ball at them in the face of The child argues that in a flat cake of plasticine became more.

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