Children read

Children readHere a material.

Orders on the subject of nouns, appealsCards on which orders are printed are distributed.

Children read them and carry out.

– Call loudly Pierre! Mari! Julie! And then call still Blond! Beautiful! Kind! – Order Pierre, bring a chair! Mari, take a cube! Julie, bring to me immediately! Bring to me now!– Ask Approach and kiss me! Approach! Now tell Mari! Approach and kiss me! These orders are carried out as small sketches, the present comedies which are played by pupils.

The requirement to play, represent is strong in them and wakes up years from five.

Kids with ecstasy say severe orders, helping itself gestures.

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Even numbers

Even numbers For example, the merchant gives to the buyer a rotten cherry.

The buyer refuses purchase.

The merchant gives a nut instead of a pea, the buyer asks to exchange the goods.

It is necessary to pay only when you are confident in quality of the goods a lesson of practical life.

The merchant at first changes the goods to accustom children to pay attention to quality, then suggests to change quantity of the goods that children got used to pay attention to the account.

Even numbers red, odd dark blue.

We have wooden figures, there are cubes, dark blue and red.

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Spread out a dry mix in small

Spread out a dry mix in small Prepare small bottles with the boiled and cooled water.

Spread out a dry mix in small portsionny bags.

When feeding time will come, pour out contents of a portsionny bag in a small bottle.

Properly stir up.

The food is ready.

If the child is on natural feedin questions with feeding do not arise.

Use of a children's automobile seat.

The Federal Aviation Administration of the USA persistently recommends use of children's automobile seats for air flights of kids.

The automobile chair is established in a chair of the air passenger and fastened by seat belts.

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My experimentsThe

My experimentsThe Pupils are occupied only with examination, instead of scientific progress, and professors successfully help them with it.

So, all of us are slaves to an erroneous education system which needs reforms.

My experimentsThe organization of mental life begins with attention My experimental practice of work with children from to years is devoted to research of requirements of children's soul, on analogy to hygienic requirements of care of a body.

I consider necessary to tell about one key event thanks to which I and formulated the method.

In San Lorenso I used for the first time in work with healthy kids materials which for many years served for training of sick children.

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It seems

It seems And ability to the internalto privacy, dismissal from all wordly, human a necessary conditionbeginnings of any spiritual making.

It seems that the per ~ will be easier to understand ithowl also the second to girls, which, everyone po~svoy, in the elementary, yet about ~rabotanny consciousness to a form lead internal life of the soul more,than outwardly socialized third girl.

As we see, actually at each child is strong and ~the by parties in the form of predisposition to quite certain ~to gichesky and dukhovno~nravstvenny difficulties.

They root as in ~to dual human nature, and in an educational system, which to its form ~, in the environment where it grows.

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The lateral

The lateral The majority of experts consider that a place of the child only in a cot certificated on standards of safety.

Alternative option.

The special cot which is established on a mattress in a bed headboard for adults now is issued.

The lateral wall of such bed easily falls.

and the child becomes available to feeding.

Dehydration What is such.

Dehydration this condition which comes at insufficient intake of liquid in an organism or its loss in connection with natural factors or a disease state.

Dehydration can occur, if chest feeding is carried out randomly or at mother is not developed milk enough, at strong vomiting and a diarrhea, and also at violation of water balance of an organism in very hot weather.

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But it happened

But it happened In the afternoon he was a worm, and into the Glowworm turned at night.

Here it is possible to tell, how there is such transformation and in general – who such glowworms and why they exist.

It planted the thin beautiful wings, and on its tail it was lit small lamp.

But it happened at night, and nobody saw such beauty.

And he considered itselfhimself absolutely – absolutely ugly.

Once the Glowworm on a leaf at night sat and thought, how it would be desirable to make a good deed and as it is sad that he does not know, where it good deed to take.

And suddenly he caught sad sounds, and understood that it is crying.

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